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Erin Star

Erin Star

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About Erin Star

Erin Star is the slim and stacked babe with blond hair. She is new and eager to make videos for your wanking.

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  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Age: 23
  • Breast Size: 36H
  • Fun Fact: She has a busty twin
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Measurements: 36H
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring Erin Star

Erin Star Bra Bounce Out Dreams

Erin Star's is a true breast expansion wonder. Her boobs get bigger and she gets hotter. She bounces out of her bra like crazy! Lots of jiggling too.

Kitty and Erin Topless Sports

Erin Star and Kitty are two busty blondes ready to play topless in the backyard for your beating amusement. They play badminton while their huge boobs bounce everywhere. Then they do some breast play just for you.

Erin Divine Busty Angel

Erin is sexy, blond and busty. In this video she starts in her "Sound of Music" dress. Your cock will be alive with the sight of her cleavage in it. Then she gives you an intimate nursing tit suck show.

Helen and Erin Lesbian Tit Play

Busty Erin and Helen compare their big tits. Then they rub oil on them and do lesbian breasts rubs. Try not to blow your load during the beginning scene with them braless in a tshirt. Amazing sight!

Erin Does Body Measurements

You have always wanted to know Erin's busty body measurements. In this sexy videos she takes off her clothes and uses a tape measure to wrap around those big tits and curves.

Erin and Helen in Daisy Dukes

Who wears short shorts? Erin and Helen do..at least in the beginning of the video. These two hot busty sisters have amazing bodies and show them off completely naked with lots of loose titty shaking action.

Erin Sexy Body and Flying Tits

Beat your dick to death as you watch Erin Star in this ultra sexy video. She starts with no bra and those massive tits hanging nicely. Then she shows off her full body with lots of topless jumping and bouncing.

Erin Star Shaking Shiny Saggers

Erin lubes up those huge titties with some baby oil. Then she shakes them out and pounds them on the table. Lots of jiggling madness and boob play for your wanking pleasure.

Erin and Helen Star Boob Battle

Helen and Erin have always had sibling rivalry. They compete on everything and in this sexy video they do a boob battle. Smacking and bouncing their heavy breasts against each other. Who is the winner? You be the judge.

Erin Star Does Big Boob Bouncing

This is a good old fashioned big boobs bouncing video. No BS! Erin is amazing with her now bigger than ever tits.

Erin Bed of Bras On Back Jiggles

Erin Star is back for a bed of bras on back jiggle show. Imagine coming home to find this wonder of nature jiggling her fat tits on your bed among all her big bras. Pull out your dick and put it inside of her to fuck in this position.

Big Tits Lesbian Massage

Your cock will erupt in a fury when you watch all 3 big tits queens in this video. Helen, Erin and Candy rub oil on each others huge boobs.

Erin POV Cum Shot on Big Tits

Erin Star invites you and a friend to cum on her big boobs. You and your buddy stand there as she jerks off your hard cock. She plays with her breasts and rubs them. Which of you will cum first? You both spunk all over her fat titties and drain your balls down her cleavage.

Erin Star Big Boobs Dance Video

Erin is so sexy in her leather outfit. Her magnificent curves will make your cock swell as she performs for you to a popular song.

Erin Star Revers Bra Shake Out

Erin heard your requests! In this sexy video she tries bras backwards. The effect will make your cock swell! She shakes her massive tits out and lets them flop all around.

Helen and Erin Star Striptease

Holy shit this video is hot! Two amazing busty sisters dancing and stripping for us. Watch and beat your dick as they expose their loose, jiggly huge boobs totally naked.

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