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Helen Star

Helen Star

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About Helen Star

Helen Star is the sister of Elen Star. This busty dynamic duo is amazing. She has huge boobs and a great tit to body ratio. And she loves to bounce.

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  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Age: 26
  • Breast Size: 36H
  • Fun Fact: She has a busty twin
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 36H
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Black

updates featuring Helen Star

Helen Sucking Slapping Saggers

This amazing slim and stacked beauty can suck her own nipples because her big tits are long and saggy. She bounces and slaps them around too.

Helen Sexy Saggers in the Shower

Helen has an amazing body with a slim figure and long, saggy tits. She showers nude for us while soaping and sudsing her slippery, soft saggers.

Helen and Erin Tit Massage

Helen gives busty Erin a lubed tit massage. But first they bounce and jiggle their big tits in bras for you.

Helen Bouncing in Bed

Helen has supreme saggers! She is also slim and stacked. She bounces those long big tits on the bed. Then stuffs her udders into a bra for more bouncing.

Helen Saggy Tits and Tassels

Classic video from Helen before her breast reduction. Only a few left! She shakes her long saggy tits for intense jiggling effect for your boner. Then she attaches tassels and her tits go wild!

Helen Big Boobs Jumping Rope

Helen has superb and sexy saggy tits. She does a good jump rope session in this video. Her floppers go flying!

Helen and Kitty Lesbian Play

This is a classic big tits video before Helen had her breasts mutilated. Her beautiful saggers get massaged and she does the same to Kitty's huge boobs.

Helen Saggy Sloshing Tit Fucks

Helen begins braless. She takes out her floppy udders and bounces them around. Then she lubes them up for a dildo tit fuck with saggy tits.

Helen Saggy Clapper Flappers

Simply amazing bouncing here! Helen Star jumps and throws her beautiful saggy breasts around for boner bursting effect.

Helen Bondage Big Boobs

Helen ties up her long boobs for maximum cum effect! Pull out your cock and stroke as she plays with her sexy saggers.

Erin and Helen Bras for Juggs

Erin and her sister Helen are trying on small bras together. Beat your cock as they stuff their big tits into tiny bras and jiggle.

Helen Intimate Breast Suckling

Helen unleashes her long, beautiful saggy breasts. When she opens her top, your cock will pop. Then she lies down and starts sucking her own nipples. A beautiful self breast feeding scene.

Helen Jiggle Out of Bikini

Helen returns with her sexy saggy big boobs. She bounces and jiggles them out of a micro bikini top.

Helen will Drain Your Cock

Helen knows how to titfuck the best way to make you cum the most. In this video she shows you how she wraps her big tits around a big dick. Then she titfucks hard.

Helen and Erin Spanking Each Other

These two sisters have been naughty. They take off their tops and expose their butts for a proper spanking. Who has the nicest ass and tits? You do not have to choose because you get both!

Helen Bath Time Wet Tits Jiggles

The effect of Helen's wet saggers in motion will make your cock swell. Helen is so sexy playing with her long breasts in the bath. Get ready for extreme jiggling boobs.

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