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About Kitty

Kitty is the perfect busty girl next door. She loves sex, video games and sci fi. Her favorite weekend activities include playing video games and watching TV naked. Then fucking.

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  • Height: 5 feet 6
  • Age: 24
  • Breast Size: 38I
  • Fun Fact: She is a die hard Avengers fan
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 38I
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion

updates featuring Kitty

Kitty on The Jiggle Machine 2

Kitty puts her big soft boobs on the jiggle machine. It vibrates and makes waves of jiggling to make you cum quick.

Erin and Kitty Jiggle Machine Queens

Get your boner ready for hard stroking! Erin and Kitty are on the jiggle machine again. There is so much jiggling and soft titty goodness that you will cum hard all over yourself.

Erin and Kitty on the Jiggle Machine

Erin and Kitty are the busty blond babes with huge tits ready to make you cum quick! Today they are on the jiggle machine that makes their big breasts gyrate and jiggle. They also shake and shimmy their huge udders for you.

Erin and Kitty Lesbian Tit Rubs

This sexy exclusive big tits video features Kitty and Erin playing with each others breasts. They oil up their giant melons. Then start a lesbian rub down that gives boob and boner orgasms.

Kitty Busty Babe Workout

Kitty has huge tits and a great body. She keeps her figure and your cock hard at the same time as she does her workout routine for you topless.

Kitty Erin Boob Bounce Battle

Kitty and Erin challenge each other to a boob battle. There is so much boob slapping and bouncing that your cock will beg you for mercy while you beat it.

Kitty and Erin Lesbian Shower

Stroke your cock as you watch busty lesbians Kitty and Erin washing each other. Their huge tits are shiny and wet and their pussies are too.

Kitty and Erin Big Tits Dildo Twins

Erin and Kitty are here to make you cum. They take out their big boobs and lube them up for dildo tit fucking together. Then they bounce and shake their large breasts.

Kitty Swallows Your Dick in Her Tits

Kitty knows how much you want to tit fuck her. She shows you what it is like to slide your cock between her massive udders.

Kitty Vibrator Tit Play

Kitty knows what she likes for foreplay. She masturbates her breasts with a vibrator and oil. She gets turned on and ready to fuck your cock.

Erin and Kitty Cream on Tits

Erin and Kitty get nice and messy with whipped cream. They spray their big tits and then lick it off. Sweet as busted nut!

Helen and Kitty Lesbian Play

This is a classic big tits video before Helen had her breasts mutilated. Her beautiful saggers get massaged and she does the same to Kitty's huge boobs.

Kitty Tits Out Exercises

Kitty is ready to make her tits fly for you. Her big tits a round and firm but she moves them hard.

Kitty Jiggle Tits Invitation

Kitty invites your hard cock to her bed of bras. She jiggles those soft big tits so that you can stroke yourself into a cum comma.

Erin and Kitty Double Tit Fuck

Double, double toil and trouble these big boobs enchantresses tit fuck together for you. Your cock will fall under their spell as you watch them wrap their udders around these hard cocks.

Kitty and Erin Bounce Contest

Erin and Kitty decide to see who can bounce their big tits the most. Who do you vote for as the winner?

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