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Lexxxi Luxe

Lexxxi Luxe

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About Lexxxi Luxe

This amazing P cup model, yes she wears a 38P size bra, has quite simply, Divine Breasts! Lexxxi Luxe, formerly known as Anorei Collins, visited us at Divine Breasts and made some hot pictures and videos. Not only is she stunningly beautiful with big boobs, she also ranks up in the genius level when it comes to intelligence. She loves to show off her breasts and never shys away from promoting the beauty of all natural macromastia huge boobs. Originally from the USA, she has travelled the world doing modeling jobs and charity work.

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  • Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches
  • Age: 25
  • Breast Size: 38P
  • Fun Fact: Can do more bouncing than some models half her size
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 38P
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Light Brown

updates featuring Lexxxi Luxe

Lexxxi Luxe Overflowing Big Tits

Lexxxi Luxe is absolutely massive! In this HD video she starts by bouncing in her tight top. Her cleavage jiggles with joy. Then she takes off her top and does an on back jiggle show as only she can.

Best of Suzie and Lexxxi

Beat your boner to these sexy bbws with super massive tits. Suzie 44K and Lexxxi Luxe tie each others breasts up and engage in other boob fetish fun.

Lexxxi Luxe Bouncing Out of Bras

Lexxxi Luxe continues to get bigger and bigger! Her massive breasts are so heavy and hard to control in this HD video. She swings her big titties around. Then stuffs them into bras for us to watch her bounce in. This is fine beating material that will have your cock stiff as a board!

Suzie and Lexxxi Compare Boobs

The test of a real woman is if she can put her breasts on a table! Here we get to see two real women, with real big tits comparing and playing with their huge boobs. Lexxxi Luxe and Suzie 44K are legendary bbws with perfect breasts.

Lexxxi Luxe On Back Jiggle Show

Lexxxi Luxe is bigger than ever in this HD video. Her super massive big boobs are unstoppable as she does an amazing on back jiggle show. Your dick will burrow a hole in your pants as it tries to tit fuck her immense cleave. Those fun bags fly up and slap her face then crash down toward her belly. Sit back, relax and stroke to Lexxxi Luxe doing signature DivineBreasts tit moves.

Lexxxi Luxe and Suzie 44K Show and Tell

I'll show you mine if you show me yours....said Lexxxi Luxe to Suzie 44K. This dynamic big boobs duo is engaging in the naughty old favorite game of "Show and Tell". Their big soft breasts are impossible to resist and even they have a hard time keeping their hands off each others juicy udders.

Suzie 44K and Lexxxi Luxe Compare Tits

Suzie 44K and Lexxi Luxe are comparing their huge boobs. Can you tell who is bigger? Does it matter? They are both huge and sexy. These big tits will have you wanking your dick dry.

Lexxxi Luxe Divine Breasts Trinity

Join Lexxxi Luxe, Cotton Candi and Ms Diva in these exclusive behind the scenes photos from the classic Divine Breasts Trinity. It was a historical meeting of huge boobs bbws and here are unreleased photos from this mega macromastia gathering.

Lexxxi Has Giant Breasts

Your cock will stand up like a ruler when you watch Lexxxi Luxe in this sexy HD video. She has no bra under her top to start. Those massive tits hang super low under their weight. Then she unleashes her huge breasts for your wanking delight.

Lexxxi Luxe Mega Big Tits BBW

Lexxxi Luxe has amazing big tits. This sexy bbw is in bed playing with her large breasts waiting for you. When you walk in she starts jiggling her hooters and invites you to come ride the mountains.

Lexxxi Swinging Tits and Poses

Lexxxi starts of in tight top with her P cup tits bursting out over the top in this video. Then she takes one massive fun bag out at a time. Lexxxi Luxe then sucks hard on her own nipple for the camera. After that she decides to give Divine Breasts members a close up of her dangling udders as they swing in your face. Those big nipples and bumpy areola are perfect for sucking.

Lexxxi Dream Jiggles

Lexxxi Luxe wants you to come ride the mountains. This giant big tits scene was inspired by Kitten Natividad from an old mainstream movie. Watch as Lexxxi gives you hands full of soft jiggly tit flesh in motion. This P cup model, also known as Anorei Collins, is a true macromastia case of super large breasts. Amazing!

Suzie and Lexxxi Bra Testing

Suzie 44K and Lexxxi Luxe are the official big bra testers. Their big tits will take any brassiere to the max. You get a front row seat as these two sexy bbws stuff their huge boobs into one bra after another. Suzie and Lexxxi will have your boner jumping for voyeuristic big boobs joy!

Lexxxi Shows Suze the Big Boobs Ropes

Suzie 44K had never had her big tits tied up with rope until Lexxxi Luxe came along. Watch this sexy HD video of these two bbws tie up their huge boobs. Not everyone woman has enough breast flesh to even wrap a string around but these two tie up those hooters in feet of rope!

Suzie and Lexxxi Tit Games

Suzie 44K and Lexxxi Luxe are at it again with their massive big boobs. They start in bikinis that can barely contain their huge tits. All that jiggling will have your dick reaching for the cleavage. Watch these two amazing women in HD as they swing and dangle their large breasts waiting for you to tit fuck them.

Suzie and Lexxxi Play with Big Tits

Suzie 44K and Lexxxi Luxe are back at it again with big boobs double trouble in this HD video. They love to compare breasts and play with the mountains of tit flesh. You'll get turned on along with them as they squeeze and jiggle and bind their heavenly whoppers.

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