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Cotton Candi

Cotton Candi

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About Cotton Candi

The one and only beautiful Ms Cotton Candi is absolutely huge and we welcome her to DivineBreasts. Her big squishy funbags measure in at a fabulous N cup. This sexy ebony goddess has tits down to her waist. They are swollen and heavy with big juicy nipples.

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  • Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches
  • Age: 24
  • Breast Size: 44N
  • Fun Fact: She is a smart business woman
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 44N
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Cotton Candi

Cotton Candy Juicy Giant Jugs

Cotton will make your cock rock hard! Her huge boobs look so sexy under her top when she has no bra under. She is like a vision when she takes off her top and exposes those massive breasts for your sucking.

Cotton Candi Juicy Jugs OBJS

Cotton Candi is the bbw with super massive big tits. In fact they are so massive that light sometimes cannot escape. In this HD video she is doing an on back jiggle show that will blow your wad!

Cotton Candi Throwing Her Tits Around

This video is an amazing sight for a swollen peter! Cotton Candi has SUPER MASSIVE big tits. She starts by dangling them for us. The sheer weight of her large breasts is fuckin hot! Then she puts them on a table and gives us more jiggling than we can handle...almost.

Cotton Candi Macromastia Large Breasts

There are very few women in the world with breasts this big! Cotton Candi is an amazing bbw and her tits are superb. Can you believe that each one of them weighs 25 pounds?

Cotton Candi Giant Breasts BBW

Your cock will stand at attention when you see Cotton's massive breasts. Her tits weigh 30 pounds each! Pound for pound Cotton Candi has the biggest heaviest tits.

Cotton Candi Bouncing Slapping Big Tits

Listen to Cotton Candi's huge tits slapping as she jumps up and down in this video. She can barely keep her balance because her boobs are so heavy! Her massive N cup breasts come crashing down on her belly as she bounces in place. You can hear them smacking in real time and in slow motion replay. Cotton's tits are so juicy and suckable. She sucks her own nipples too!

Cotton Candi Naughty Tit Flasher

Cotton Candi loves to show off her amazing body and huge tits. She poses those macromastia breasts for us in the most sexy positions. Sometimes she would turn around and flash the people out the window. Soon a small crowd gathered outside with men trying to use their phones to catch a pic. Luckily all you have to do is sit back and wank in the comfort of your own home.

Cotton Candi Has Incredible Udders

Cotton Candi will tempt you with her charms so get your swollen cock ready. She poses her gigantomastia breasts for you in many sexy ways. She can even stack one boob on top of the other! That is called the "Vice Grip Tit Fuck". Is your dick strong enough to thrust between those two massive fun bags?

Cotton Has Giant Breasts

Your dick will stand up straight when you watch this HD video of Cotton bouncing her giant breasts. It is a true boob mans dream to see her mammoth tits flying around! She bounces better than women 1/8 her bra size.

Lexxxi Luxe Divine Breasts Trinity

Join Lexxxi Luxe, Cotton Candi and Ms Diva in these exclusive behind the scenes photos from the classic Divine Breasts Trinity. It was a historical meeting of huge boobs bbws and here are unreleased photos from this mega macromastia gathering.

Cotton Candi Big Tits in Your Face

Cotton Candi is the bbw porn star with giant breasts. In this HD video she is swinging those pendulous hangers in your face. Her big boobs are really heavy! A few times she hit the camera and knocked it down. We edited those parts out. Pull your cock out, though, and enjoy her mega tit show.

Cotton Candi Giantess Ebony Tits

Cotton Candi is your ebony giantess fantasy. Her breasts keep growing and they weigh 40 pounds each! Your dick will swell like her balloons as you watch this HD video of her gyrating and playing with her massive hooters.

Cotton Candi Big Tits in Lap

Cotton Candi has some of the biggest tits in the world. Her ebony big boobs are so large that they rest in her lap when she sits down. She makes cocks swell and women sneer when she walks into a room because all the men want Cotton. In this video you get a front row seat to her amazing large breasts show.

Cotton Candi BBW Porn Star

Cotton Candi is still growing in her boobs! Those massive breasts are heavy and dangling for your beating pleasure. She loves to play with them and touch herself for you. Cotton's sexy gigantomastia large breasts are legendary.

Cotton Candi Huge Black Boobs

Cotton Candi is in bed and showing off her huge breasts. Those gigantomastia breasts are truly of epic proportions! She poses them for your wanking pleasure. Imagine grabbing those pounds and pounds of tit flesh. Then stuffing your cock between her cleavage until you bust a hard nut.

Cotton Candi Giant Breasts for You

If you are a fan of big breasts you will fall in love with Cotton Candi's macromastia tits. She takes off her top in front of the window so everyone can see. Then she bounces and plays with her hooters for you.

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