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About Suzie

Suzie Q is the mature milf with huge macromastia gigantomastia breasts that we all fantasize about. She is new to the big boobs site world and loves to show off her tits.

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  • Height: 5 Foot 6 Inches
  • Age: ?
  • Breast Size: 42M/N
  • Fun Fact: Has sensitive nipples and can orgasm from nipple play
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 42M/N
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring Suzie

Suzie Tits in Pantyhose and Leggings

Suzie stuffs her big tits into fishnets and pantyhose. Not every woman has enough breast mass to do this amazing scene! Then she hangs her boobs over the back of the couch for your cock-beating delight.

Suzie Mothers Day Tit Play

America's favorite milf is here on Mother's Day to get your boner off. Sit back, relax and pull out your cock as she shows off her tits and gives you your fantasy.

Suzie Fishnet Giant Tits Play

Suzie starts this amazing video in a see through fishnet top. Her marvelous melons are so massive. Then she takes them out for shaking and boob play just for your stroking pleasures.

Suzie Smoking Seductress for You

Suzie likes to smoke before and after sex. In this video she is topless and getting herself horny for you. She smokes in a sexy way while teasing you with her titanic tits.

Suzie Sexy Outfits and Tits Out

When Suzie is in public she gets a lot of attention because of her huge tits. In this video she tries on some of the most popular clothes that get guys hard. She also shows off her massive udders totally topless.

Suzie is Your Big Tis Maid

Imagine you just hired a new maid and she comes to your place with her huge tits in no bra. As she cleans your place her top gets wet. She needs to take it off and you ask her to play with her breasts as part of your service agreement.

Suzie Nipple Self Suck Wonder

Suzie is in the mood for fucking. She starts in her lingerie that exposes maximum cleavage. Then she pulls out her long udders to suck on her own nipples. She can even do BOTH nipples at the same time!

Suzie is Your Milf Mistress

You are helpless when Suzie shows her huge tits to you and invites you to cheat on your partner. Her massive udders hang there as she talks dirty to you. When she begins to swing her boobs you can no longer resist.

Suzie Election Night Tit Feast

Suzie is stressed about the election just like everyone else. So she decided to have a special feast on top of her boobs where she eats tons of food while showing you how her boobs inflate as she eats. The effect is small but your boner will not be.

Suzie Talks Sexy with Tit Play

Suzie will make your cock stiff in this sexy video. She has her udders shaking out as she talks to you in her sexy voice. Then she handles those softies so you can handle your dick.

Suzie Big Boobs Hiding Spot

Only a woman like Suzie can do what you see in this hot video! She takes out her massive breasts and proceeds to put things under them. More specifically, she puts all kinds of items under her tits and hides them.

Suzie Super Sized Swingers

Your beating and wanking will rise to new heights when you watch Suzie in this video. Her mammoth mammaries are in full swing and clap mode. She talks sexy to you while teasing you with her big tits.

Suzie Titties Shaken Out of Bikini

Suzie's objective is to make you cum as fast as possible. In this video she shakes her huge breasts out of her bikini. Then she claps hard while being topless.

Suzie BBC Tit Fuck Fantasy

Suzie has a fetish for big black cocks. In this video she shows you her fantasy to tit fuck a bbc.

Suzie Flirting Braless Milf

Suzie starts this video with no bra under her shirt. The shape of her massive tits is amazingly sexy. Then she pulls them out and talks dirty flirty with you while feeling herself up.

Suzie 44K in Huge Nursing Bra

We all fantasize about getting breast fed by Suzie. In this video she plays with her nursing bra and huge udders. Imagine suckling from her heavy hangers.

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