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The Huge Breasted Rulers of Nekhbet

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Featuring: Fantasy
Release date: 23 April, 2024

This video slide show contains jerk off instruction at the end. In the ancient realm of Nekhbet, nestled along the fertile crescents of the River Anura, a society flourished under the rule of women, revered not only for their wisdom but also for their formidable governance. This matriarchal civilization, dating back thousands of years, was a beacon of stability and prosperity, where women ascended to the highest echelons of power, guiding their people through epochs of peace and turmoil alike. In this society, women with the biggest breasts were seen as dominant and fertile. And thus, they rose to power through the strength of their intellect and the size of their bust. In addition to being rulers, these women were considered extremely sexy for their long and heavy breasts. And it was custom for followers to jerk off at the sight of these women as a sign of respect. --Continued in the video

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