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Fantasy women. If you have not watched the fantasy slide shows with sexy voice overs, you are missing out. It's a great way to get your cock hard and ready for beating. Enjoy them as foreplay or the main event!


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Locker Room Grannies

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the womens locker room? When mature grannies get together it gets a lot more saucy than you would think. Especially in this corner of the multiverse where long, saggy, granny tits are the height of sexiness. All of these women have super long, soft titties that come down past their stomach. In the locker room they likes to sit with their legs open to show off their pussy and breasts. One of the most interesting parts of this culture is that the women take pictures of themselves nude for fans of saggy boobs. There are even private rooms where men are allowed to come grab those massive softies and jerk off on them. The air is thick with the smell of wet pussy and perfume. These mature women know their bodies and know what they need to come. Over the years they have lost the silly idea of holding back sex or playing hard to get. Life is too short for that sort of nonsense. Instead, these wise and busty women fuck at the drop of a dime. They flash their tits in public. And they allow themselves to be touched and grabbed by polite boob fans. Speaking of touching and grabbing, I bet you want to start on your dick.

The Busty Luminara Elves of the Enchanted Forest 4

This video slide show includes jerk off instructions. In a shadowed corner of the multiverse, shrouded in mystery and whispers of dark magic, lies the Enchanted Forest, a realm not just of beauty but of ancient, untamed power. This is the domain of the Luminara Elves, a tribe of elvish women known for their striking blond hair, ethereal beauty, and huge breasts that set them apart from the typical tales of elfin folk. The Luminara are a product of both evolution and mystical forces. Born from the forest in a ritual as old as time, they emerged under the blue sky, kissed by the sun's warm light. This ritual imbued them with the essence of the forest, intertwining their lives with its shadowed paths and hidden secrets. Their evolution is marked by unique physical traits. The most obvious are there large breasts. Slim and stacked, each of them is a work of art and fantasy. Also, their ears, which change shape in accordance with their reproductive cycles. In their youth, their ears are round, echoing the unformed potential within them. As they approach maturity, one ear becomes pointed, signaling their coming of age. When both ears are pointed, they are at the pinnacle of their reproductive power, a time when their magical abilities are at their strongest. The Luminara Elves possess deep, enigmatic powers. They can manipulate the elements, communicate with the spirits of the forest, and cast spells that alter the fabric of reality. Their magic is darker, more primal than that of their elfin kin, reflecting the untamed heart of the Enchanted Forest. Their ability to grant wishes is perhaps their most notorious power. Unlike the benevolent wish-granting of fairy tales, the Luminara's gift comes with a twist of fate. Any who encounter them can make a wish, but the outcome is as unpredictable as the Elves themselves. The Luminara do not judge the wishes or their seekers; they unleash the raw magic to fulfill these desires, regardless of the consequences. The society of the Luminara Elves is complex and secretive. Ruled by a council of the eldest and most powerful among them, they live in a balance of light and shadow, ever mindful of the delicate equilibrium between their own nature and the wild, often unforgiving, magic of the forest. In the endless weave of the multiverse, the Luminara Elves stand as a symbol of both beauty and danger, a reminder that magic, in its purest form, is neither good nor evil but a force as wild and unpredictable as nature itself. Their story is one of mystery, a dance of shadows and light, where the line between blessing and curse is as thin as a spider's web.

Busty College Girls Show Their Tits

Welcome to Curvy Versity. A university that welcomes girls with the biggest tits. In this part of the multiverse, large breasts are considered not only sexy, but essential for a happy life. Girls are taught the basics of education as well as how to tit fuck and use their saggy bosoms to their advantage. As members of Divine Breasts dot com, you get a preview of these beautiful, busty babes. You can see more of them at our college fantasy Patreon page, Curvy Versity. The college parties are filled with big breasted girls flashing their boobs and fucking in public. Sex is not taboo. Multiple partners are encouraged and, in fact, the college faculty is told to engage in sexual liaisons with the students to teach them the best ways to make love. The girls with the biggest tits have the biggest hearts. They have open tit grabbing events where men who want to massage their breasts are allowed 2 minutes to stroke and squeeze. Loneliness is unheard of because these well endowed girls see it as a community service to have sex with the guys who are single. They teach the guys how to treat a woman and give dating advice to help them find busty women of their own. With their coaching, even the rowdiest, uncivilized man eventually becomes a gentleman and finds his busty soulmate here. --Continued in the slide show video with jerk off instruction

The Royals of Solara

In the heart of the multiverse lies the resplendent planet of Solara, a beacon of elegance and sophistication. Solara is renowned for its liberal ways and progressive society, where the traditions of the old worlds blend seamlessly with forward-thinking ideals. This illustrious planet serves as a grand stage for the busty royal women from nearby systems, who gather for a myriad of events and celebrations that define the very essence of refinement and grace. Big breasts are considered high class and the women flaunt their tits whenever possible. --Continued in the slide show video with jerk off instructions

Tales from the Titfuck

Welcome to Planet Titania, where the women are known for their massive breasts and their ability to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. The planet is home to many sex workers who specialize in providing tit-fucking sessions that will leave you breathless. As soon as you step off the spacecraft, you can feel the energy emanating from these voluptuous creatures. They move with confidence, knowing that they have what it takes to please any man. You can see the desire in their eyes as they approach you, their tits practically spilling out of their tight-fitting uniforms. You decide to start your session with one of the more experienced workers, a woman named Lila. ----Continued in the slide show video with jerk off instruction

The Village of Willowmere Slide Show 6

Somewhere in the multiverse, nestled in the lush grassy meadows that roll across the foothills of the mountain range, lies a small village by the name of Willowmere. The women have some of the biggest breasts ever seen. Macromastia/Gigantomastia is the norm. Their massive, heavy breasts usually come down to their waists. The village is unlike any other, as it appears to have been built by master craftsmen who knew the land well. The houses are constructed from wood and stone, with thatched roofs that blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The center of Willowmere is dominated by a massive willow tree, which provides a canopy of shade for the villagers on hot summer days. The tree's branches hang low to the ground, creating a natural archway that beckons visitors to enter. Its leaves rustle in the wind, as if whispering secrets known only to the tree. It is considered good luck to have sex under the tree.

The villagers of Willowmere are known for their skill in herbology, with many of them possessing a deep knowledge of the medicinal properties of the plants that grow wild in the surrounding meadows. They sell their wares at a market in the village square, where visitors can purchase potions, tinctures, and remedies. The village women also venture into a nearby city where they are allowed to go topless as they conduct their business. The contrast between the simple life of the Willowmerians and the city is fascinating....as each culture lets the other do as they please.

As night falls, the village comes alive with the sound of music and laughter, as the villagers gather around a large bonfire to tell stories, share food and worship their breasts. Visitors are always welcome, and it is said that those who stay for a while are enchanted by the beauty and breasts of the women in this idyllic village in the heart of the mountains.

This photo set depicting unique women with big boobs throughout the multiverse is a breathtaking collection of images that takes the viewer on a journey through parallel universes and alternate realities.

As you go through the images, you will be struck by the beauty and diversity of the multiverse. You will begin to realize that there are countless worlds out there, each with its own unique inhabitants of busty women that number in the TRILLIONS!!

The photo set is a testament to the boundless imagination of the universe and a celebration of the women with big tits who inhabit it. It challenges you to think beyond your own reality and consider the infinite possibilities of existence, and the incredible big titted women who inhabit those worlds.

Granny Tits at Eldergrove

In a tranquil corner of the multiverse lies a serene realm known as Eldergrove, where time flows with a gentle cadence and the air is imbued with a sense of calm and wisdom. Eldergrove is a haven for mature women, all 70 years and older, who have found a new lease on life amidst its verdant landscapes. They all have extremely long and saggy breasts. They have some of the biggest granny tits in the multiverse. Nipples going down past the waist is very common here. ---Continued in the video slide show followed by jerk off instruction

The Veil of Sanctimony Busty Nuns 6

This video slide show includes jerk off instruction at the end of the video. The Veil of Sanctimony: A Tale from the Multiverse. In a remote corner of the multiverse lies the village of Seraph's Veil. To the unknowing traveller, it might seem like any other quaint settlement. But the villagers are no ordinary folk; they are nuns, shrouded not just in habits but in an air of sinister mystery. These nuns are unlike any in the known universes. Their eyes are piercing and they seem to look right through you. Their breasts are absolutely enormous! And they often walk around topless. Their habits are dark. They are sadistic and prey on the men who come to spy on their huge tits. Some say they possess mystical powers, perhaps even dark arts. Whispers abound that these women of the cloth are not merely devout but sexual witches, their prayers tinged with incantations only heard in the deepest pits of arcane lore. Outsiders are rare, and those who do venture into Seraph's Veil are greeted with stern looks that could wither the most robust of souls. As a traveller walks through the village square, the nuns often cease their activities and loudly pray for the interloper's soul. The prayers are not soothing; they are abrasive, filled with words that seem to curse rather than bless. Villagers from surrounding areas give Seraph's Veil a wide berth. They've heard tales of men going crazy after wanking their cocks to the lovely visions of topless nuns. These women of the cloth supposedly give sadistic jerk off instructions while simultaneously getting off on it. Whether these stories are true or the stuff of legend, few dare to find out. As members of Divine Breasts dot com, you are given exclusive access to some of these tales. ---Continued in the video---

Busty Speed Queens of Tharos V

On the distant planet of Tharos 5, racing wasn't just a sport; it was the pulse of the planet, a cultural obsession that united its diverse inhabitants. Tharos V, with its sprawling cityscapes and vast desert outskirts, was home to the Star Chasers, an all-female race team renowned across the multiverse for their daring and skill. Not to mention their huge breasts. Their fame was not solely due to their victories but also their role in challenging the traditional norms of a male-dominated racing circuit. The Star Chasers were composed of five women, each from different sectors of Tharos V. They were more than just teammates; they were innovators and idols, inspiring a generation of girls to dream of the cockpit rather than the sidelines. They were also sex symbols, showing their massive titties before and after races. Their races were broadcast on every available screen, and their faces adorned murals that stretched across the towering walls of Tharos City. --Continued in slide show video followed by jerk off instruction

Granny Tits Teachers

In a daring and provocative display, a group of long saggy titted granny teachers have shed their inhibitions and their clothes, posing in the most unexpected of places - a classroom. These mature beauties, with their years of wisdom and experience, are embracing their sexuality in a bold and unapologetic manner. As members of Divine Breasts dot com you have access to only some of these naughty grannies. To see more be sure to visit our new Patreon page, Maturique. Linked below. ---Continued in video slide show followed by jerk off instruction For 100s of pictures updated daily of fantasy grannies with long saggers, visit our new, specialty page: Maturique Grannies with Big Boobs

Growing Big Boobs on Elara

On the distant planet of Elara, nestled in a remote corner of the multiverse, lies a geological marvel that has woven itself into the fabric of the planet's unique culture. Known locally as Star-silt, this multi-colored soil isn't just a feature of the landscape but a significant aspect of the lives of the Elaran women. The silt, vibrant in hues of jade, cerulean, and magenta, possesses peculiar properties that have shaped social customs and biological evolutions distinctly alien to our Earthly norms. One of the most remarkable effects of Star-silt on Elaran women is the alteration of their physical form. The compounds in the soil catalyze a dramatic growth in their breast tissue, leading to sizes that can extend to the waist or lower. This adaptation is not seen as a disability but rather as a mark of health and vitality, deeply revered within the culture. -Continued in the slide show video with jerk off instructions

Granny Tits Adventure 2

The saggy stalker is back. He loves long granny tits and tells about his second time going to the retirement home. This fantasy slide show video starts with him telling us how he found these grannies. Then one of the gilfs gives jerk off instructions.

Skyward Curves Big Boobs Fighter Pilots

In a distant corner of the multiverse, there existed a planet called Avion. This world was home to a unique breed of Top Gun fighter pilots who were renowned for their exceptional skills in aerial combat. But there was something else that set these pilots apart from their counterparts on other worlds - they all possessed incredibly large breasts. The pilots of Avion were proud of their ample bosoms, and they believed that their curvaceous figures gave them an edge in the skies. Their large breasts allowed them to maintain perfect balance in their cockpits, even during the most daring maneuvers. The pilots' uniforms were specially designed to accommodate their impressive assets, with tight, form-fitting jumpsuits that left little to the imagination. - Continued with jerk off instruction in the slide show video.

Busty Vampire Women of the Illiad Part 4

This video slide show contains jerk off instruction at the end. In the depths of an ancient land, shrouded in perpetual twilight, there existed a tribe unlike any other. This tribe was composed solely of women, but they were no ordinary women – they were vampires, ethereal and deadly. Each member of this enigmatic tribe possessed an otherworldly beauty that was both alluring and terrifying. Their breasts grew to gigantic proportions. Many a boob man found himself helpless. Even knowing the dangers, they could not help themselves from going home with these women. Some say the price of playing with and fucking those gigantic tits was worth it even if they didnt come out alive. Among the tribe, there were those with fiery red hair, like flames dancing in the night. They were the fierce warriors of the group, their temper as quick and unpredictable as a forest fire. Their laughter was a sound rarely heard, but when it echoed through the trees, it was both enchanting and eerie. Others in the tribe had hair as dark as the night sky, their black tresses a stark contrast to their pale, flawless skin. These were the seductresses, masters of manipulation and deceit. They moved through the shadows with a grace that was almost cat-like, their presence often undetected until it was too late. The tribe's survival hinged on their ability to lure unsuspecting victims into their lair. Using their stunning beauty and big breasts, they would enchant travelers, drawing them deeper into their village with promises of tit fucking and unbelievable sex. But the fate that awaited these poor souls was far from what they anticipated. Once ensnared by the womans charm, escape was impossible. The victims, entranced by the vampires' beauty and tits, would find themselves part of a deadly dance. The vampires, with their sharp fangs and insatiable thirst for blood, would descend upon these hapless individuals, their true nature revealed in the most horrifying manner. The only way these woman could come was in the throws of draining the life from their victims. The forest would echo with the sounds of despair and the triumphant, chilling orgasms of the vampires. As dawn approached, the tribe would retreat to their hidden abodes deep within their village, leaving no trace of their nocturnal activities. The only evidence of their existence was the legends that circulated among the nearby villagers, tales of beautiful but deadly women who roamed at night. And so, the vampire tribe continued to exist, a haunting and terrifying presence. Their legend grew with each passing year, a chilling tale of beauty, seduction, and death. ....Continued in video

The Huge Breasted Rulers of Nekhbet

This video slide show contains jerk off instruction at the end. In the ancient realm of Nekhbet, nestled along the fertile crescents of the River Anura, a society flourished under the rule of women, revered not only for their wisdom but also for their formidable governance. This matriarchal civilization, dating back thousands of years, was a beacon of stability and prosperity, where women ascended to the highest echelons of power, guiding their people through epochs of peace and turmoil alike. In this society, women with the biggest breasts were seen as dominant and fertile. And thus, they rose to power through the strength of their intellect and the size of their bust. In addition to being rulers, these women were considered extremely sexy for their long and heavy breasts. And it was custom for followers to jerk off at the sight of these women as a sign of respect. --Continued in the video

Big Boobs Housewives of 1955 Part 4

This slide show video contains jack of instructions at the end. Oh, what a delightful day it's been, dear diary! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and our little neighborhood was buzzing with excitement. You see, there's been a wonderful little project going on – photo shoots of all the busty wives, right in our homes! It's been the talk of the town, and today was my turn. Finally, my chance to work with Divine Breasts dot com! We take great pride in our homes and our appearance, especially for something as grand as a photo shoot for women with, dare I see, big boobs. The first thing in the morning, I set my hair in rollers – can't have a hair out of place! Then, I chose my dress carefully, something elegant yet comfortable, perhaps my polka-dotted one that goes so well with my pearl necklace. The makeup had to be just right. A touch of rouge to bring out the cheeks, some lipstick – not too bold, mind you – and a subtle hint of eyeshadow. We housewives might spend our days in the kitchen or tending to the children, but that's no reason not to look our best. Preparing the house was another affair. Every cushion was fluffed, every surface dusted. The living room had to look impeccable, with the family portraits straightened and the vases freshly filled with flowers. After all, these photographs weren't just of us, but of our homes too – a testament to our dedication and care. When the photographer arrived, I felt a flutter of excitement. We started in the living room, with me sitting gracefully on the sofa, to portray that perfect blend of sophistication and domesticity. Then, we moved to the kitchen, where I stood by the counter with my apron on, a pie fresh out of the oven. It was all so charming and picturesque! There's something so fulfilling about capturing these moments, a visual celebration of our lives as housewives. It's not just about looking nice in the photos; it's about showcasing the heart of our homes, the effort we put into creating a warm and welcoming space for our families. And of course, our bountiful bosoms. As the day wound down, and the photographer packed up, I felt a sense of pride looking around my well-kept home, thinking of how these photographs would be cherished memories of these golden days. And hopefully some of us get to be pinups in your favorite room. Well, it's time to take these rollers out and start preparing dinner. Tomorrow is another busy day, but for tonight, I'm basking in the joy of today's success. Oh, but before I forget... Continued in the video.

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