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Ashbourne Abbey Diamond Regalia 5

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Featuring: Fantasy
Release date: 11 April, 2024

This big boobs video slide show has jerk off instructions at the end. Amidst the grandeur of the Ashbourne Abbey's illustrious castles, a unique event was set to unfold under the twilight sky. The Diamond Regalia, a competition of artistic prowess, was to take place. The premise was simple yet enchanting: capture the ethereal beauty of the women of the Abbey, each adorned in luxurious jewels and outfits, each with massive, long breasts. Castles all over Ashbourne Abbey were used as studios for artists from everywhere in the quadrant. The air was thick with excitement as artists and photographers gathered with their tools of trade. Easels were set up, and cameras were prepped. Each artist and photographer had a different medium, a different perspective, but the same goal - to immortalize the busty beauties before them. The women, draped in silks that flowed like liquid gold and adorned with jewels that twinkled like distant stars, were on the scene to be pampered and to fuck during the after parties. Some posed gracefully for photographers whose cameras clicked in rapid succession, capturing every angle, every gleam, every nuance. Meanwhile, others stood patiently before canvas and paper, as artists sketched and painted, their brushes dancing in harmony with the subject's essence. Moans filled the rooms as attendees masturbated and had sex behind the scenes. The smell of perfumes and lust permeated each castle. The photographers from Divine Breasts dot com were given exclusive access to the main halls and the back rooms. As a member of Divine Breasts dot com, you too get access to these saggy breasted goddesses. Stroke your cock. Beat your dick to these women of unimaginable proportions. Continued in the video.....

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