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Mandy Majestic

Mandy Majestic

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About Mandy Majestic

Mandy Majestic is the legendary bbw porn star with gigantic natural breasts. It was a treat to film her in the Divine Breasts style and see those huge tits come to life.

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  • Height: 5 Foot 5
  • Age: 24
  • Breast Size: 40K
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 40K
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring Mandy Majestic

Mandy Majestic Returns with Bigger Tits

Get ready to cum hard as you witness Mandy's bigger tits! She returns and shakes, bounces and jiggles her heavy breasts in your face.

Mandy Majestic Self Sucking Tits

Mandy has fabulous bbw big big breasts. She starts with a tiny top exposing lots of cleavage. Then she sucks her own nipples.

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Mandy Majestic Soft Pillow Breasts

Mandy Majestic has huge, soft big boobs that are a breast mans fantasy. This BBW is curvy and topheavy. Sometimes when she is on her back those huge tits come up to her face. Imagine seeing that as you fuck her missionary style. Then reach down and grab them hard!

Mandy Big Boobs Served on a Platter

Mandy's big tits are taking over! She puts those massive hooters on to the table starts to wiggle them for your hard boner. When she claps them together it gets her cleavage warmed up for a hard tit fucking. Then she does a mini on back jiggle show.

Mandy Bouncing Slapping Big Breasts

Mandy Majestic has intensely sexy sloppy floppers. In this HD video she is bouncing and slapping her big tits all over. She starts with no bra under then lets them out for you wanking pleasure. This BBW has extreme big tits!

Mandy Bed Time Big Breasts

When Mandy Majestic says it's time for bed you come running. Her big swollen breasts barely fit into her top and she cannot wait to let them out for you.

Mandy Pillowy Soft Giant Tits

Mandys tits are majestically huge! She is on her back with those large breasts towering in the air as she does a wiggly sweet on back jiggle show. Watch with your pants down as she rolls her massive breasts around. You'll want to spank her titties with your cock before cumming all over them.

Mandy Huge Natural Breasts

Mandy Majestic has pillowy soft breasts that she plays with for your wanking pleasure. In this HD video she has no bra under her top to start. Then she bounces those big tits right out of her top. After she does some intense boob jiggle and play for you.

Mandy Giant BBW Breasts

Mandy Majestic has heavy, swollen breasts. In this hot HD video she wants to get you off. She has no bra under her top. Then she pull out those macromastia hangers and starts playing with them. You will lose your load when she starts to jiggle and bounce them.

Mandy Majestic Big Tits Power

Mandy is back in her sexiest HD video yet! Her huge boobs are out of control and you get 2 views of the action. Mandy decided to test bras and test her ability to bounce her big tits topless. Your cock will be tested too as you watch those massive melons in action.

Mandy Majestic Table Top Big Boobs

Mandy Majestic has mighty whoppers. Her big boobs are so heavy that she puts them on a table to play with in this HD video. Watch as mountains of soft, pillowy breast flesh undulate for your stroking delight. Mandy's tits have a unique way of moving, can you see it? Expert boob fans can.

Mandy Majestic Big Bra Tester

You will shoot your load all over your keyboard when you watch this HD big boobs video of Mandy Majestic. She has immense big tits and they are super heavy. Mandy is the bra tester in this video. She tries on different bras, bounces and plays with her tits for you.

Mandy Majestic Full Grown Titties

Mandy has full grown all natural big boobs that she loves to play with. Here you get to see her try on her flirt outfit..or rather, take it off. Her big sexy breasts come flopping out and begged to be squeezed and sucked by you.

Mandy Majestic Sexy BBW Boobs

Give a warm Divine Breasts welcome to Mandy Majestic! Her big boobs are out of this world. Measuring in at around a K cup, those giant jugs are heavy and pendulous. You'll reach for the tissues and start stroking when you see her expose those ripe titties just for you.

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