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June Kelly

June Kelly

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About June Kelly

Message from June:
"I must admit I was not really interested in having my face on the web. But my friend, the webmaster of this site and a few others, showed me just how popular some of the other women with big breasts are. I want to thank all of you who have been responding so kindly to my picture posts and given me the confidence to go ahead with this."


  • Height: 5 Foot 3 Inches
  • Age: 46
  • Breast Size: 40I
  • Fun Fact: She has her own site - Click Here To Visit
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Measurements: 40I
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring June Kelly

Classic June Kelly Busty Shower

This classic is June Kelly one of the first busty stars of the internet. This blond with big boobs stars in a few porn videos here too.

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Classic June Kelly Busty Blond

Sexy June is hot and horny for her fans. She pulls up her dress and lets out her tits for you. Which pink would you lick first, her pussy or her nipples?

25 Photos

Busty June Wants Sex Now

June is the busty blond milf of your dreams. She lies in bed waiting for you to come slide your cock inside of her. When June wants sex she gets sex! Your peter will swell up at the sight of her large breasts as she flirts with you and shows of her soft boobs.

24 Photos

Valentines Day with June Kelly

Valentines Day with June Kelly

24 Photos

June Large Breasts Picnic

June Kelly invites you to a picnic to feel her big tits. Outside in the warm Spring air June pulls out her breasts for you to suck and grab. It's your secret you share with her to fuck outside and never tell anyone.

Milf June is the BBW of Your Dreams

June is your new secretary with big boobs. The first time you see her your dick gets hard. June gives you a sex look and you know that you will be fucking in your office. Enjoy her large breasts, soft body and sweet smelling hair as she rides you at your desk.

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Busty June Wants to Fuck

June is in her nightie and ready for sex. Her big boobs are hanging under the silk top and her pussy is wet in those tiny shorts. Pull her bottom down and reach up her shirt to squeeze her breasts before a hard fucking.

June Titty Teaser Tit Fuck

June is ready for a night out. Whenever she goes to the club all the guys stare at her big tits. June loves to tempt and tease and she gets horny doing it.

25 Photos

June is Your Busty Blonde FWB

June likes to dress in lingerie and tempt you with her big boobs. Every time she put on her favorite panties her pussy gets wet for your cock.

June and Karen Large Breasts BBWs

June Kelly and Karen Udders are back at it again. These two bbws have natural big breasts and they get horny touching each other. You'll want to reach under their shirts to feel the soft titties as they grind against your cock.

June Exposing Her Large Tits

June is outside the college waiting for hot you guys. She takes her top off in the car so that she can flash her large breasts. If you walk by a sexy blond bbw in a car with her tits out be sure to say hello. She will fuck you hard in the back seat with everyone all around.

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Busty June is Ready for Big Cock

June is hornier than most women. She confessed that ever since her tits started growing when she was young, her pussy controlled her life. This busty blond has a body built for sex and she loves to show it off knowing you are wanking your peter to her.

29 Photos

June and Karen Big Tits Day

June Kelly and Karen Udders are the big tits dream team. Sometimes they get together to show off their huge boobs in public. Today we caught them before going out to the mall. It makes Karens pussy wet when guys stare at the two of them. June and Karen have been known to pull out there breasts upon request no matter where they are.

June is a Milf with Big Boobs

Slather your penis in your favorite lotion for a good strokin. June is a sexy blond milf with soft big boobs. She is in bed flirting with you and waiting for you to come fuck.

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June Sexy Big Boobs at Home

June does her housework with her tits out usually. A lot of the time she leaves the window open so her neighbors can see her huge boobs. Once she saw a man jerking off his dick in the alley outside to her. She pulled her skirt up and played with her pussy while they looked at each other.

June Ties Up Her Big Breasts

June has a fetish for breast pain. Sometimes she ties up her big breasts as hard as she can and then she fingers herself. Enjoy some light breast bondage with June as she shows you a little taste of what she likes.

24 Photos

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