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About Janet

This hot milf is a new amateur with hug J cup tits. She is tall and sometimes does dominatrix work. Janet can smack your face with her big tits and pound your cock into submission.

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  • Height: 5 Feet 9
  • Age: 45
  • Breast Size: 38J
  • Fun Fact: She loves to fuck younger guys
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 38J
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Janet

Janet Big Boobs in Your Face

Janet is back and her big tits are in your face! This HD video features Janet swinging her pendulous heavy bosoms up close. Those giant breasts get bounced and played with. They are so soft and squishy. You'll want to yank your cock so hard you'll cum all over the keyboard.

Janet Busty Milf Next Door

Janet says her neighbors are always looking in her window when she is doing these big boobs photos and video. She has huge tits and they are extra soft and squishy for grabbing and tit fucking. Janet says the record for one guy cumming on her tits in one day was seven times!! Could you cum seven times on her tits in one day?

Janet Heavy Bouncing Tits

The gorgeous Janet is back and bound to give you a big ole boner! Her massive heavy danglers are bouncing and swinging in your face. This HD video will make you feel like you are in the room with her slapping fat titties.

Janet Huge Breasts in Motion

Janet is back and ready to give you an awesome huge breasts show. She drops and flops her mighty danglers onto a table to start. The movements of her tits will leave your cock in a stiff state. Then Janet hangs her boobs in your face you can reach up and grab them.

Janet Bra Bouncing Big Boobs

Janet is the busty bra tester in this HD video. Her massive heavy tits fly all over the place as she tries on different plus size bras and bounces out of them. Janet has a dream that she will let you slip your cock between her cleavage in the bra. Then she will give you a bouncy tit fuck.

Janet Your Busty Mistress

Janet is your busty mistress waiting for you in the hotel room. You walk in and she is playing with her big tits in the mirror. She asks you if you want to suck her tits and grab them while she plays with your cock. Do you choose to cum between her breasts or in her pussy?

Janet Big Boobs Out of Control

Janet is doing her best on back jiggle show yet in this HD video! Her big boobs are out of control. Those lovely fun bags jiggle and flop everywhere. Imagine porking Janet missionary style while her giant breasts shake around uncontrollably. You'll spurt your load all over her.

Janet Sexy Huge Boobs Dance

Janet knows how to tempt and tease us boob men and she shows us one of the ways in this HD video. She does a sexy huge boobs dance that made every cock stiff! Those mega sized titties are so heavy and dangly when she takes them out from under her top. When Janet dances her big breasts flop around bounce so hard you will want to pull your dick off!

Janet Big Boobs Milf For You

Janet is your big boobs milf that will help you live out all your sexual fantasies. She starts in a tight bra and top to let those tits bulge. Then she lets them out and they hang down to her waist. Janet also jumps a little so you can see those huge boobs up in the air!

Janet Floppy Funbags in the Mirror

Janet has remarkably huge boobs! She sucks and bounces and drops her funbags for your beating pleasure. The mirror gives a great side view of those heavy long tits. Grab your cream stick so you can cum hard as fuck all over Janet's magnificent giant tits.

Janet is a Milf Built for Sex

When Janet walks in a room most women pull their men closer and the men look at her tits. Janet is the sultry milf with a huge rack that bounces everywhere she goes. You'll want to stroke long and hard while looking at Janet's succulent, soft and dangling breasts.

Janet Buxom On Back Jiggle Show

Come take a trip into a huge boobs fantasy. Janet is the buxom milf that invites you to play with your cock over her jiggling, massive breasts. This HD video is like a POV of fucking your big boobs dream woman. Drain your balls all over her gyrating and undulating hooters!

Janet Huge Floppy Tits Milf

Janet begins this HD video by teasing you inside a top with no bra under. Her giant breasts wiggle and jiggle all over the place. Then she unleashes her milf tits and they come down to her lap. SHE IS HUGE! Then Janet sucks her large breasts to get her nipples hard. She finishes by bouncing her floppers all around so you can wank hard and cum all over.

Janet Milf Big Tits Exercises

Janet has the secret to making her tits even bigger. When you start with natural huge boobs like she has, there are tricks. In this HD video watch a Janet bounces her large breasts in her bra then lets them fly loose! Your dick will feel like bustin loose when you see her topless floppers in the air.

Janet Slippery Tits Playtime

Janet is serious boner material! She starts off in a bra that is too small. She bounces her huge boobs in it for you. Then she unleashes them and they flop down in her lap so she can run oil all over them. Janet gets horny as she plays with her heavy titties in oil and claps them for you.

Janet Swollen Heavy Tits

Janet is bigger than ever! Her huge tits have gotten mega swollen and they are heavier now too. Pull out your dick for a healthy stroking to sexy milf Janet as she sucks her nipples and lets her tits hang down. Not many beauties can do the things Janet can do with those long, full hooters.

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