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About Candy

Candy is a sweet busty angel who loves walks in the park and romantic dinners. It took a while to convince her to start modeling because of her shy nature. But her super sized breasts are worth the effort!

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  • Height: 5'8
  • Age: 25
  • Breast Size: 40I
  • Fun Fact: When she plays basketball her boobs are the same size as the ball
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 40I
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Candy

Candy Jiggling Juggling Jugs

Candy's tits are expanding! She is back and bigger than ever. Her soft udders are jiggled and juggled. She even sucks her own nipples. Wouldn't you love to slide your cock between those big titties?

Candy Busty BBW Fashion Show

Candy parades around nude and in clothing to show off her big tits and ass. Stroke while you appreciate her curves.

Candy Naked Yoga Stretches

Candy does her yoga routine for you naked. Her big tits and pussy are in full view as she spreads her legs and bends over. Stroke your cock while you watch and cum all over her nude pussy.

Candy Bubble Bath to Tits in Your Face

Candy is in the bubble bath playing with her huge boobs. Then she comes out and starts shaking her sopping wet breasts over the side. You get two angles. One from the side and the other right in your face!

Candy Full Body Lube

Candy has a fetish for oil. She likes to get her whole body slippery from big boobs to phat booty. Whenever she has sex she likes her sexy body slippery.

Candy Slippery Tits on Table

Candy lubes up her huge boobs so you can do the same to your hard dick. Then she slides them around on the table for lots of jiggling that will make you cum lots.

Candy Underwater Big Boobs

Get up close and personal with Candy as she takes you into her bath. She gives you a sexy big tits show on top of and under the water. The effect of her floating boobs underwater is fucking hot!!

Candy Jumps Topless and Jiggles

Candy gives us a sexy profile view of her big tits exercises. She jumps around and throws those big titties around. You will want to strangle your cock just from the screen shots of the video. Her tits are superb saggy supremes!

Candy Lotion Massage

Candy squirts lotion all over her huge boobs. Then she massages them until she has a breast orgasm.

Candy BBC Tit Fuck Fantasy

Candy has a giant BBC dildo. She gives it a blow job. Then she lubes up her huge tits and gives it a tit fuck.

Candy Wet Slippery Big Tits

Get up close and personal with busty Candy as she washes her fat tits. She squats too so that you can enjoy her pussy cleaning.

Candy Says Cum Ride the Mountains

Candy is doing an sexy on back jiggle show. She wants you to play with her big fluffy fun bags. Pull out your cock and beat it to all that jiggly, fat tit flesh.

Candy Big Boobs Rub Down

Candy releases her big boobs one by one from her outfit. Then she plays with them in your face with an intense rub down and jiggles.

Candy Tit and Ass Lesbian Massage

Candy's big booty lover is back. Candy massages her phat booty with her hands and her big tits.

Candy Slippery Tits Exercises

Candy can barely control those massive danglers after they are oiled up. She does her exercises and her big tits fly all over the place. So much bouncing and lubed up soft titty action.

Candy Bouncing Out of Reverse Bra

Candy has her big tits in a bra backwards. The effect will make your boner bounce too. She jumps until those fat titties fly out. You get two angles front and side.

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