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About Betsy

Betsy is the mature busty babe next door. Her tits are long and bouncy.

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  • Height: 5 feet 7
  • Age: 42
  • Breast Size: 36J
  • Fun Fact: Her aunt has even bigger breasts
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Measurements: 36J
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring Betsy

Betsy Huge Nipples Bounce Out

Betsy gets so horny when she makes videos for us. Her nipples are hard as your cock because she knows you are stroking. She bounces her big tits out of her bra until they fly in the air.

Betsy Fluffy Soft Jigglers

Busty Betsy will make you rock hard with her soft boobs. She does an on back jiggle show and gets those udders really moving.

Betsy Returns for Tit Sloshing

Busty Betsy is back! She swings her big boobs hard in your face to knock you out. Stroke hard as you feel her soft flesh pillows on your face and in your hands.

Betsy Bouncey Tits Out of Tops

Bouncing Betsy puts on tops and bounces her big tits out in this HD video. Her mega mams come way down so you can beat your cock and cum all over them.

Betsy Swings Tits Out Of Top

Betsy swings her huge big boobs out her top in this HD video. Her massive breasts bounce around in your face before a hard fucking. Imagine reaching up and grabbing them with hands full of softness.

Betsy Mega Boobs On Back Jiggle Show

Betsy keeps getting bigger tits! In this HD video she is doing her best on back jiggle show yet. She throws those wiggly breasts around and does massive moves for massive tits.

Betsy Blond Milf Tits On Display

Betsy is the sexy milf with heavy saggers. In this HD video she wants to give you the best view of her curvy body. Play with your cock as she exposes her fat tits.

Betsy On All Fours Swinging Her Tits

This is the perfect view of Betsy on all fours. When she fucks doggy style her huge breasts swing from London to France. In this HD video you can see her floppy tits fly back and forth hard.

Betsy Busty Blond with Heavy Breasts

Betsy poses for you topless in this video. The outfit she starts in lets her breasts hang low and sexy. Then she lets her big boobs dangle for you.

Betsy Busty Milf Braless

Betsy is your busty milf waiting for you at home with her tits loose and jiggly. She starts with no bra under and plays with those boobs waiting for you on her chair. Then Betsy gives you a show for beating your dick off to.

Betsy Long Boobs Jiggling

Betsy is your long boobs queen in this HD video. Her slippery fapable tits are bouncing all over the place. They come down to her tummy when she jumps around. Then she gets on the bed and gives you a doggy style show.

Betsy Slippery Boobs Massage

Betsy loves to masturbate her big boobs in this HD video. She rubs oil all over her breasts and makes herself cum.

Betsy Busty On Back Jiggle Show

Oh yeah this is the HD video we have been waiting for! Betsy will blow your load as you watch her tits in motion. Stroke your dick to this on back jiggle show and cum all over her swimming breasts.

Betsy Floppy Bouncing Breasts

Betsy is a super bouncer in this HD video. Her huge dangling breasts flop around as she jumps and swings. Pull out your cock and beat it hard to her long tits.

Betsy Loose Jugs on the Table

Betsy has succulemt floppy loose titties. In this HD video she is playing with them and letting them dangle for you. Then she puts them on a table and gives you watery jiggles.

Betsy Huge Boobs Bouncing Hard

Betsy is totally amazing in this HD video! She bounces her long boobs really hard. Watch and beat your dick while you watch those floppers fly.

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