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About Yolanda

Yolanda is a huge boobs milf with immensely heavy tits. But she is also very strong and can bounce them really hard.


  • Height: 5'8
  • Age: 32
  • Breast Size: 38P
  • Fun Fact: She likes to perform acupuncture
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 38P
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Hair Color: Black

updates featuring Yolanda

Yolanda Ebony Tits On Back Jiggle Show

Yolanda has giant black tits and they are so long! She does an on back jiggle show and her udders are totally out of control. You can see them cover her face and slap her ears. Imagine cumming all over those loose, rippling titties.

Yolanda Amateur Giant Breast Ebony Milf

Yolanda shows how massive her saggy tits are as she hides a huge bottle under them. The quality of the video is not the greatest, but I figured you'd still want to see those floppers in action.

Yolanda Sucking Her Nipples

Yolanda has sensitive nipples at the ends of those massive tits. She sucks her chocolate nipples until she cums hard with you.

Yolanda Bouncing Out of Bra

Juicy Yolanda is back and her tit bouncing is crazy hard! She makes her udders fly out of her bra after a lot of jumping.

Yolanda Home Grown Tit Oiling

Yolanda gives you a taste of her heavy hangers. She oils them up at home on her couch and does lots of tit play. Beat your dick to those giant titties.

Yolanda Tied Up Bouncing Boobs

Yolanda will make you cum hard when you see what she does with her big tits. She ties them up like sausages. Then she jumps around bouncing and throwing her heavy tied up tits!

Yolanda Serious Sagger Slapping

Yolanda is the queen of big tits bouncing! OMG her long tits are so heavy and soft. She jumps around and shakes her huge boobs making lots of slapping noise. You will cum hard and quick!

New Model Yolanda Big Tits Shaking

Wave your cock around for this amazing busty big tits babe! Her loose titties hang way down and she swings them hard. She also drops them like crazy for immense bouncing effect.

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