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About Sophie

Sophie is an athletic BBW who likes to exercise topless. She believes that getting bigger breasts means doing lots of bouncing to make them hang lower.


  • Height: 5'8
  • Age: 32
  • Breast Size: 40G
  • Fun Fact: She likes to have her toes sucked
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 40G
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Sophie

Sophie Wild Tit Throwing

Sophie unleashes her heavy big tits from her top. Then she throws them around and juggles them hard so you can get hard and cum.

Sophie Juggling to On Back Jiggles

Sophie starts in a hot tit tie outfit. She juggles her jugs with oil. Then she does an on back jiggle show.

Sophie Tit Play from the Maid

Once again your busty maid has come to clean your place. You have been jerking off all week thinking about her. She goes braless and in panties. Then takes out her swollen udders to play with and get you horny.

Sophie Wet T Shirt Big Tits

Sophie has a white shirt on that she gets soaking wet. You can see her fat tits through it. Then she takes off the shirt for some wet bath boob bouncing.

Sophie Your Busty Maid

It is a dream cum true to have a maid with big tits who likes to clean topless. Maybe she will let you fuck her while she wipes the floors.

Sophie Lusty On Back Jiggle Show

Sophie is horny and ready for foreplay. When it comes to big tits, foreplay is something we all enjoy. She does an on back jiggle show to warm up your loins to a swelling boner.

Sophie Jiggling Tits with Lotion

Be ready to jerk off along with Sophie as she lubes up her tits. Then she shakes them around and plays with them so you can rub one out.

Sophie Tied Up Tits On Back Jiggle Show

Sophie does a little of everything in this video. She jiggles, ties up her tits and does an on back jiggle show. Pull our your cock and stroke it furiously to this big boob action.

Sophie Doggy Style Tit Claps

Sophie decided she wants to show you how heavy her tits are in this video. She leans over in doggy style for hard swinging. Then does some jumping to make those hooters really bounce.

Sophie Big Boobs Orgasms

Sophie is one of those rare women who can have breast orgasms. In this video she shows you what she does at home alone to play with her tits. She first jiggles and bounces them to get warmed up. Then oils them up for full tits jacking off.

Sophie Sexy Clubbing Top

Sophie starts this video in her sexy see through top that she wears to the night clubs. Then she takes out those fat titties and shows you what she does with guys she picks up at the clubs.

Sophie Smoking Big Tits Seduction

Sophie gets horny every time she smokes. Here she lights up and then starts playing with her big tits for you. Both of you can get turn on so that you can grab your cock.

Sophie Oiled Up Tit Play

Sophie puts oil all over her fat breasts in this video. As she gets them nice and shiny, stroke your cock and get it ready to slip between her big breasts.

Sophie Kitchen Clean Tit Play

Sophie was caught cleaning braless. She started to get so horny that she had to take out her boobs and play with them. Lots of good juggling and jiggling.

Sophie is a Busty Smoking Tease

Sophie wants you to get horny for her as she smokes before sex. She shows off her low hanging super sized breasts by shaking them and letting them fall into her lap.

Sophie Jug Juggling in Daisy Dukes

Sophie looks sexy in her short shorts. She pulls out her floppy hangers and does some awesome boob throwing and jiggling.

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