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Kristina Milan

Kristina Milan

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About Kristina Milan

Kristina Milan recently had a breast growth spurt as you can see here. Her big J cup boobs stayed so swollen as she bounces and jiggles. When Kristina was growing up her sisters all had huge knockers. Believe it or not Kristina developed late and she is the smallest breasted of her sisters. Rumor has it one of her sisters already IS modeling but under a different last name. Any guesses as to who she might be?

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  • Height: 5 Foot 7 Inches
  • Age: 32
  • Breast Size: 38J
  • Fun Fact: Has the smallest breasts of all her sisters
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 38J
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Kristina Milan

Kristina Swollen Giant Breasts

Kristina Milan's breasts have grown to giant proportions. Enjoy this HD video of her growing breasts in a sexy on back jiggle show. Her slippery udders jiggle and shake and beg for you to cum on them. When Kristina has sex in the missionary position she makes guys cum hard by doing this with her titties.

Kristina Showering Her Big Boobs

Kristina is back and her breasts are bigger than ever! She is showering and jiggling those big boobs for you in this HD video. Her boob to body ratio is amazing and she has curves in all the right places. Pull your staff to full attention and let loads of cum erupt over this busty goddess.

Kristina Milan Big Brown Titties

Kristina Milan is from a country that loves big tits. She can wear her tight top with tons of cleavage. Sometimes she lets a friend tit fuck her in the bushes. Kristina always loves her magnificent pendulous titties and she wishes she could let you cum on them hard and long!

Kristina Big Boobs Workout

Kristina's tits are so swollen and heavy. When she has no bra under her top, her huge milky udders hang low. She loves to workout topless and she shows why she is so sexy. Would you like to tit fuck her or grab her boobs while she fucks you hard?

Kristina Milan Dancing Giant Tits

Kristina Milan is having a ball as she shakes her big tits to her favorite music in this video. This video is nonstop breast shaking, jiggling and bouncing! She comes out in a hot tank top with no bra. Kristina shakes those huge hooters to the music in her top. Then the breasts come out and she does a ton of different jiggling poses and positions. Pull out your cock and wank it hard to this beautiful woman breast dancing just for you.

Kristina Blowout Tits

Kristina has heavy low hangers with sensitive nipples. She wants you under her so that she can dangle those fun bags in your face. When you lick and suck her chocolate nipples she grinds in to your cock hard until you cum.

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