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About Julia

Julia comes to us straight out of the USA where bigger is better. And her tits make the case. This lady loves power and how her breasts make men do anything she wants. That's how she landed a congressman.

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  • Height: 5 feet 7
  • Age: 35
  • Breast Size: 38L
  • Fun Fact: She is married to a well known poliician
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Measurements: 38L
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Brown

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Julia Heavy Tits Games

Julia is back! This masked wonder of big boobs dangles those massive hangers for lots of boob action. Beat your cock until it explodes to her soft warm breast.

Julia Full Fat Titties

Your favorite anonymous milf is back! She poses her full fat titties for you in perfect wanking angles. Her breasts have superb shape and size with downward pointing nipples. Yum!

Julia Jiggly Fat Tits in Motion

Holy crap Julia keeps getting bigger and bigger! In this HD video she is sloshing her heavy tits around hard. She wants you to cum while she smack her big boobs in your face and claps them together.

Julia Braless Heavy Big Breasts

Pull our your cock for Julia in this HD video. She is swinging and playing with her huge boobs starting with no bra under. Then out come those heavy hangers for swinging and juicy tit action.

Julia Busty On Back Jiggle Show

Julia will have your cock swollen beyond belief! This HD video features her doing an hot on back jiggle show. Those wobbly fat tits are so fuckin hot!

Julia Oiled Up Huge Tits

Julia is out of the shower and oiling up her swollen breasts. They are so full and soft after the hot shower. Beat your dick against all that cleavage.

Julia Soft Slippery Big Breasts

Julia has huge boobs! In this HD video she is oiling them up really good for you. When a woman has breasts this big they are hard to control. Watch as she jiggles and drops those massive whoppers.

Julia Classic On Back Jiggle Show

Julia the masked wonder woman with big boobs is back in a spunk-inducing video. She is doing a classic on back jiggle show. Her massive mammaries are so loose and uncontrollable. You will be mesmerized as you watch all that tit flesh in motion.

Julia Juicy Big Tits BBW

Julia will make you cum when she plays with her big boobs in your face. Sit back and relax while you stroke to this HD video of this busty wonder.

Julia Wobbly Jiggly Big Tits

This HD video just makes you wanna smash your face between Julias soft breasts. She is doing a massive boob on back jiggle show. Imagine sticking your cock between those large boobs and fucking them until you cum.

Julia Juicy Big Boobs in Your Face

Many of us tit fans love having a busty woman on top when fucking. The view is amazing and in this HD video we get to see Julia. Her heavy fat tits are so bouncy and jiggly. Reach up and grab her hooters while you cum.

Julia Bouncing Big Boobs

Julia's tits keep growing. Partly because of the great boob exercises she does in videos like these. Julia warms up her hooters with a rub down and then gets busy jumping around and making them fly!

Julia Playing With Her Big Tits

You will play with your cock while Julia plays with her huge boobs in this HD video. Stroke long and hard as she lifts and squeezes her massive bosom getting horny for you.

Julia Oiled Up Soft Hangers

Enjoy this HD video of Julia and her oiled up big boobs. After her shower she rubs lotion into her large breasts to keep them extra soft for sucking and fucking.

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Give Julia a cock standing ovation for this on back jiggle show. Her sweet and soft boobs move around while her nipples float about in this HD video. Imagine stuffing your dick into her cleavage and cumming all over her big fat tits.

Julia Huge Boobs in Your Face

Julia is back and ready for you to wank hard to her dangling tits in this HD video. She has them up close in your face and really gives them a good workout. Reach up and grab them as she rides your cock intensely.

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