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About Desire

Desire is a bbw with extra large boobs. She can bounce very well for a heavier lady.

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  • Height: 5 foot 1
  • Age: 37
  • Breast Size: 40J
  • Fun Fact: She is a sci fi fan
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Measurements: 40J
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Brown

updates featuring Desire

Erin and Desire Jumping Jacks Contest

Erin and Desire do an sexy bounce and jumping jacks contest with their big tits. Those massive floppers fly everywhere. They start in a top with no bra and then go totally topless. You just might beat your dick into a coma!

Desire Strips from Bra to Topless

Sexy photo set of Desire. She starts with bra exposed. Then takes out her huge tits.

Desire Busty BBW Fashion Show

Desire is a milf with huge tits next door. She is trying on clothes to see if she can show off her big boobs. You get a front row seat to beat your meat.

Desire Jumping Slapping Tits

Desire starts in a tight top showing off her huge tits. Then she jumps around topless bouncing those massive udders. Beat your dick while she bounces.

Desire Wild Tit Bouncing Outside

Desire has such soft and heavy big tits. She jiggles them out of her bra. Then bounces those mega whoppers. She even goes to doggy style and jiggles them around in your face.

Desire Tit Wanking Nipple Play

Desire gives her big tits a sexy playing with. She wanks them. Then she plays with her nipples. She also throws them around for some good jiggling and bouncing.

Erin and Desire Busty Striptease

Erin and Desire are two busty goddesses! They do a sexy striptease taking out their massive big tits. They dance, shake and bounce so you can wank and cum hard.

Desire Big Tits Closeups

These sexy photos of Desires big tits up close will give you lots to jerk off to. Her swollen nipples and heavy hanging udders are in your face!

Desire Big Boobs BBW Braless

Desire Big Boobs poses for some photos. She starts with no bra then takes out those massive tits.

Desire Tits Out and Chores

Desire likes to do her dishes topless. Then she gets her big boobs wet for tit play.

Erin and Desire Bouncing Together

Get your boner ready to stroke to this big tits wonder video! Erin and Desire are bouncing together out of their bras. Their huge tits fly all over as they shake and jump.

Desire Strips Down for Jiggles

Desire is back and she is in her office clothes. She quickly gets out of them to show bra and panties. Then she goes topless for jumping and tit shakes of those massive udders. Beat your cock blue to all that fat breast action!

Desire Tit Wanking Tease

Desire is back and wanking her big boobs. She starts with no bra. Then claps and jiggles until two big dildos come out for a jerk off tease.

Desire Double Tit Fuck Dream

Desire was inspired by her big tits friends who do double tit fucking with real cocks at SecretHandful.com She is so horny for two cocks at once. She sucks and tit fucks them between her huge breasts.

Desire Puts Her Tits on Jiggle Machine

Desire has plump and firm tits. She puts them on the jiggle machine and watch them vibrate hard and fast. Your cock will swell and you will beat your dick hard when you see the effect.

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