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About Camilla

Camilla is a lusty milf who loves guys that are younger than her.


  • Height: 5 foot 8
  • Age: 50
  • Breast Size: 38G
  • Fun Fact: She was almost a pro tennis player
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Measurements: 38G
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Hair Color: Blond

updates featuring Camilla

Camilla Hard Nipples OBJS

Camilla is horny and wants you to stroke your cock to her big boobs. She plays with her nipples and gets the hard for you.

Camilla Milf Tit Play

Camilla is a mature milf that has a kinky side. She likes to bully her tits with rope and bars to punish herself.

Camilla Bouncing on Ball

Camilla is on her exercise ball. It gives a great spring for bouncing her big tits. You get multiple views including a sexy pov of her large breasts in your face.

Camilla Pink Nipple On Back Jiggle Show

Camilla has delicious pink nipples floating on top of her big boobs. She does an on back jiggle show and her mature breasts are so watery and jiggly.

Camilla Tits in Plastic Wrap

Camilla has heard your fetish requests. She wraps her saggers up in plastic wrap to sexy effect.

Camilla Black Pants Messy Tits

Camilla is in her sexy leather pants. She gets her boobs nice and messy and does bouncing and licking.

Camilla Happy Tit Licker

Camilla cant wait to play with her tits in front of fans. She has sensitive nipples. When she licks them herself, she gets so horny for you.

Camilla Oiled Up Tits

Camilla pulls out her floppy tits for you. She pushes them in your face with baby oil rubbed all over them.

Camilla Measures Her Boobs

You get a front row seat as Camilla measures her big boobs for the first time. She wants to know how she compares to the other ladies.

Camilla Swinging Hangers

Milf Camilla is back. She is on all fours to show you what her big tits look like when she gets fucked doggy style.

Camilla Tits in Your Face

Camilla wants to knock you out with her big boobs. She starts braless in a sexy top. Then takes out those jugs for hard swinging in your face.

Camilla Workout Titties

Everyone likes to see busty women working out. In this video you get to see Camilla shaking and bouncing her big tits at home.

Camilla Juggling Licking Tits

Your favorite milf next door Camilla is back. She juggles her saggy breasts and licks her nipples for you.

Camilla Floating Hard Nipples

Mature milf Camilla is back with a big boobs jiggling video. She plays with her nipples until they get hard. Then does an onback jiggle show with oil.

Camilla Doggy Style Titty Show

Your blond milf Camilla is back! Her loose tits look so sexy as she gets on all fours for shaking. This is what her big breasts look like when she is fucking doggy style.

Camilla Baby Powder Boobs

In this amazing video, Camilla pats baby powder on her big tits. For lots of shaking and breast play.

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