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About Alana

Alana is the fun milf who is always tempting you to play with her big tits. She sneaks into your room at night to slip her big boobs around your cock.

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  • Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
  • Age: 48
  • Fun Fact: Likes younger guys
  • Measurements: 38I

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Milf Smoking with Big Boobs

Smoking Alana is the mature milf who will tempt you with her huge mommy titties. She puffs her cigarette and asks you if you would like to suck her nipples. Alana also presents her feet for all you foot fetish fans to worship.

Mature Creamy Big Tits

Big tits mature Alana puts a whipped cream can between her boobs, sprays chocolate and cream on her breasts then licks and sucks it off.

Busty Alana Mature and Horny

Alana is the big tits mature in a classic get up. Smoking and sexy.

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Mature Soft Fun Bags

In sunglasses the big tits milf Alana hangs her big tits over the back of a chair. Her stretchable soft big tits are perfect for sucking.

Juicy Mature Heavy Hangers

Alana is the big tits mature milf who loves to show off her boobs when she is in her sexy costumes.

Stretchy Big Boobs Mature

Alana ties up her big boobs while tit fucking her high heel shoe. She is so horny and in to her fetishes that it was a pleasure working with Alana. She said that if she could meet all Divine Breasts members she would gladly let you feel her big breasts and do what you want!

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Alana Busty Mature Smokin Hot

Never before seen home video of the popular milf Alana. This elusive big boobs model rose to stardom here at Divine Breasts and then mysteriously disappeared. Some videos of her recently surfaced and we are bringing them to you. In this one she is lying back with her soft and fluffy tits hanging out. When she wants to fuck, she starts smokin. Alana invites you to come in to her den where she will bury your cock between her legs.

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